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The closing ceremony of the creative competition "I live and remember" dedicated to the victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War was held in the Institute of Childhood and Art Pedagogy. All students took part in it. They reflected in their works the importance of continuity of generations and the preservation of historical memory. 

The project included several creative competitions and events: the exhibition of art works, performances of musical compositions and choreographic etudes. At the end of competitions were selected strongest works, which participants presented to the guests during the holiday.

The event began with an exhibition of art works of students of 1-4 courses of the Faculty of Culture and Arts. The authors told about the history of creation of each picture and spoke about how the war affected their families, what trace it left on the destinies of their relatives. For example, a first-year student Yana Tatarnikova who created the picture "My Maria Nikitichna" depicted her great-grandmother who worked at the timber-mill on a level with grown-up men in spite of being a child during the war. The artist wanted her work to emphasize the strength of a woman and convey memories of her great-grandmother, who contributed to the Great Victory.

After the guests became acquainted with the displayed artwork and immersed themselves in the creative atmosphere, a note of lyricism was added to the meeting by Elena Borisenko, a graduate student of the Faculty of Culture and Arts, who sang a solo song "Seagull". She was followed by a fervent song of the war years "Vasya Vasilek", a first-year student from China, Wen Chun Chen, who took the initiative to learn the words at his own will.

Vyacheslav Nikolayevich Tsarev, professor at the Department of Music and Art Education, congratulated the attendees on the upcoming holiday:

"I still caught the moment when on the morning of May 9 you could see a lot of veterans at the Victory Parade. Unfortunately, every year there are fewer and fewer of them. And all we can do is keep the memory of them in our pictures, songs, dances and stories. Victory Day is one of the most important holidays for Russia, a holiday with tears in its eyes. And I congratulate you with all my heart".

According to the jury's opinion, afterwards the students performed their best dance routines. Thus, a staging was presented by third-year students Olga Bokar and Nikita Petukhov, who showed in their dance their view of the war and life of those years.

During the celebration the project participants received awards - commemorative diplomas and gifts. The ceremonial awarding was held by Nikolay Andreevich Dolgikh, member of the Union of Artists and Designers of the Russian Federation, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Music and Art Education:

"It is gratifying that our students responded to participate in this project and decided to honor the memory of their great-grandparents, who with their own strength and lives forged the victory. They worked to ensure that today over our heads was a peaceful and clear sky. It is pleasant to realize that first-year students who are just starting their way in the world of art were not afraid to show their skills and now their works decorate the honorable exhibition on a par with the works of senior students".

At the end of the solemn event, the students, along with faculty and guests, gathered in a general circle and sang songs beloved by the frontline soldiers, songs that once gave hope and faith in a brighter future to the soldiers who went to defend their homeland.