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The most large-scale festival of sports, creativity, and tourism, which every year unites faculties and institutes of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University — Festival "Startus" - takes place on September 24-26. The first season of the project took place 20 years ago, since then "Startus" remains a favorite event for students.

The year 2021 is unique for "Startus" not only because of the anniversary, but also because of the changes in the structure of the teams: not only sophomores came to the festival, but also third-year students, who were deprived of the long-awaited event last year by the pandemic. In addition, the TSPU alumni, activists who helped with the festival in different years, also came to pass all the tests.

On the first day, the students decorated their rooms with the symbols of their teams and then met at the grand opening of the festival. Welcoming remarks were made by Dmitry Borisovich Nasonov, vice-rector for social and educational work, and Natalia Mikhailovna Kosovskikh, director of the Center for Educational Work and Youth Policy of the TSPU:

"Startus" is built around big and small stories: I became acquainted with this festival in 2009, when I was a student of the Faculty of Psychology, Public Relations and Advertising at the TSPU. Even back then, Startus was a huge event not only for the teams that were going to represent the faculty but also for the entire faculty. Years later, nothing has changed."

Experienced festival participants addressed the newcomers:

"Startus gives everyone who has gone to it a valuable experience and the fondest memories. The festival becomes the starting point for your entire student life: this is where everything starts in earnest. Even after so many years, we remain the true friends we once became at the festival. So carry the stamp "Was at Startus" proudly",  the former director of the TSPU TV Maxim Tynyanov.

"A teacher is the most unpredictable profession: in our work we have to be ready for anything, keeping our composure. Therefore, the skill of stress resistance and the ability to think critically in an emergency situation — are especially valuable for future teachers", — says Karina Pendiak, the organizer of "Startus".

"We realized that all our efforts in preparation for the festival were not in vain: we have an unusual concept, talking about our faculty, interesting costumes, cool business card. Since we are historians and philologists, we decided to be 'Guardians of Time', because it is our future profession — to preserve the true historical knowledge and pass it on", —  said the captain of the team of tha Faculty of Hiistory and Philology Elvira Kokorina.