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Regional Pedagogical Forum "August.PRO: matrix of pedagogical changes" was held in Tomsk on August 18-20. Rector of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University Andrey Nikolaevich Makarenko and specialists of the university joined the opening ceremony and expert sessions.

Russian Minister of Education Sergey Kravtsov started the forum by addressing the participants. He summed up the results of the past academic year and emphasized the contribution of teachers to the educational process in a difficult epidemiological period:

"Thanks to the daily selfless work of teachers we became one of the countries in the world that managed to minimize the impact of the pandemic on school educational processes. Everything we do proves that we have no plans to close schools, that we will never allow the distance format to replace the live dialogue between the teacher and the student, to replace the traditional system of education".

At the plenary session of the forum, Lyudmila Mikhailovna Ogorodova, Deputy Governor of the Tomsk Region for Scientific and Educational Complex and Digital Transformation, raised a number of important issues:

"The main point of consolidation of our efforts is to create conditions for upbringing a harmoniously developed and socially responsible personality. The education system, first and foremost, should help the child to get high educational results, which absolutely everyone is capable of"

Teaching communities play a leading role in improving the quality of education, according to the speaker. Professional associations of teachers have been actively created that help each other. A special role in this matter is assigned to Tomsk universities, that is why the region's funding for the construction of the student campus has been confirmed.

The first day of the Forum offered the participants an opportunity to get involved in 26 activities in five topical areas:

  • "Quality Management;
  • "Digital maturity";
  • "Education. Comfort and Safety";
  • "Educator Professional Growth;
  • "Working with Talent."

They were attended by more than four thousand participants, including online, from different regions of Russia.

Presentations were made by Andrei Nikolaevich Makarenko, Rector of Tomsk State Pedagogical University, Irina Borisovna Grabtsevich, Head of Department of General Education of Tomsk region, Yuri Vladimirovich Kalinyuk, Head of Department of Professional Education of Tomsk region.

In his report "Development of Teacher Education: Global Challenges and Regional Scenarios" Rector of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University Andrei Nikolaevich Makarenko outlined the main scenarios of modern teacher education. On the one hand, the system of pedagogical education is transforming under the influence of global and national demands, but on the other hand, it has its own specifics, determined by the peculiarities of the region and regional labor market.

The Tomsk State Pedagogical University is one of the main providers of teachers at different levels of education in the Tomsk region: from pre-school to general and secondary professional education. In order to develop pedagogical education and resolve personnel issues in the region, the University implements key directions, including the creation of a network of basic schools, development of psychological and pedagogical classes ( by 2024 is planned to open 43 of them), the opening of a pedagogical technopark (2021) and pedagogical quantorium (2022), whose functional goals are to become agents of new pedagogical technologies distribution in the regional educational space, which will result in an increase in number and improvement of "quality" of teaching personnel.

A.N. Makarenko paid special attention to the possibilities of master's degree education at the TSPU. Today the university is implementing 32 educational programs with 1,443 students. The most in-demand ones are: "Practical psychology and pedagogy", "Logopedics", "Pedagogy and psychology of inclusive education", "Management in education" (TSPU, TSU), "State and municipal management". In 2022 it is expected to launch new positions related to the introduction of new professions - teacher-methodologist, teacher-mentor, director's advisor on educational work. Master's education will allow you to form new and demanded competencies on already received profession, to receive a new profession in the adjacent to your specialty or another sphere. And, of course, the master's program is the driver of the intensive professional trajectory of teacher's development in scientific, teaching, or management spheres.

At the end of his speech, the rector of the TPSU noted that "to improve the quality of teacher education we need to work together: the university and the teaching community. I urge all of you to actively engage in interaction with our university. We are always open to your suggestions because today Tomsk State Pedagogical University is an open university that is ready both for changes and collegial solutions to important issues of modern pedagogical education.