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More than a hundred applications were received for the annual regional contest "Sports elite" in 2021. The commission evaluated the achievements of Tomsk athletes and coaches and announced the list of winners in numerous nominations. Among the best are the students of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University.

The competition has been held regularly since 1993 to promote sports. Head of the Regional Department of Youth Policy, Physical Culture and Sports Maksim Maksimov said that this year "Sports Elite" was presented in eight main categories: "Best Athlete", "Best Team", "Best Coach", "Best Referee", "Best Specialist of Sports Team", "For Service to Sports", "Sports Propaganda", "Sports Patron". Winners were also determined in a number of other categories, including "Overcoming" (for athletes with disabilities), "Olympic Hope" and "Sports Hope" (for young promising athletes).

In order to participate in the contest the only thing that was needed is the application. An important condition was the first and prize-winning places at competitions of different levels. Protocols from competitions were also required as proof of results. For each victory, the nominee was awarded a certain number of points. As noted by the students of the TSPU, the most valuable were victories at higher level competitions - championships and world championships.

Brothers Dmitry and Ivan Cherkashin, students of the Faculty of Physical Culture and Sport, were among the winners: Dmitry took the nomination "Best Athlete in Non-Olympic Sports" and Ivan took the nomination "Sports Hope". Students of the third year have been engaged in kettlebell lifting since they were 10 years old under the guidance of the coach of the highest category Timofeev Nikolai Aleksandrovich. At first trainings were necessary for gaining muscle mass and development of power and endurance. Later, children's hobby grew into a serious big sport.

"Like all the nominees, I gave my best shot. I had to face injuries and hardships: sometimes I wanted to go for a walk, but I had to restrict myself in order to get a good sleep and recover. On this hard way I had close people by my side who supported me and didn't let me give up", — said Dmitry.

The place among the winners in the category "Olympic hope" was taken by judoist, student of the TSPU Askarova Alexandra. The girl has engaged in the sports club "Siberia". Last season was more difficult for her than others: the athlete was injured at the Russian championship in Murmansk.

"It was nice to hear about my victory in the competition! I really want to get back on track as soon as possible. Rehabilitation is going well. I hope that soon I will be able to compete for the highest places at all Russian and international competitions", — she told the SportLatat correspondent.

Dmitry Striga, a second-year student of the Faculty of Physical Culture and Sport, won the nomination "Best Athlete in Olympic Sports". Dmitry has impressive experience - 23 years. The young man reached the professional level in weightlifting at the age of 14, taking part in the competitions for the Russian national team. Since 2014, the athlete performs for Tomsk and trains to this day under the guidance of Bolshoi Alexander Vladimirovich, who is also a graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports of TSPU. Dmitry is especially proud of his performances at the 2016 and 2017 Russian championships, where he took first place. According to the athlete, these competitions were the most important and highest in status.

"To be in the top ten of the strongest is very honorable. In weightlifting, only three people made it to the winners. There were strong competitors in other sports, such as track-and-field athletics", — said Dmitry.

In addition to Dmitry Striga the best athlete in Olympic sports was Baranova Alena, also a student of Physical Culture and Sport, who does cross-country skiing. And Oleg Khoroshkov, a first-year student of the TSPU's Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports, became the winner in the category "Overcoming" (sport for the hearting impairment). The young man is engaged in curling.

Athletes are helped to reach such heights not only by their sensitive coaches, but also by the Tomsk State Pedagogical University, which creates all conditions for high-quality training, where theory is in harmony with practice, and victories and achievements are made.