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New Year is always a great opportunity to look back and sum up what has been done and outline future plans.

“We are entering a digital dimension” an ordeal of distance education proved that the Tomsk Pedagogical University should become a truly digital university. Not only lectures, practices, but also conferences, signing of cooperation agreements with leading universities, commercial partners — from now on all this is done remotely. The distance did not become a limitation, but on the contrary, expanded the circle of our partners.

The Tomsk Pedagogical University declared itself as the flagship of the general education system and pedagogical science. This year the university became a member of consortia of leading foreign and domestic pedagogical universities: the Chinese-Russian Union of Higher Pedagogical Educational Institutions, the Consortium of Pedagogical Universities of Siberia. Together with Tomsk universities, the TSPU created the Postgraduate School in Education and Pedagogical Sciences.

Next year our university will have great potential to become an academic leader in training a new generation of specialists. The Tomsk Pedagogical is the official partner of the large-scale federal competition for teachers' teams "Teacher of the Future". In February, the semi-final of the competition was held at the university site, and in November the TSPU presented the Siberian Federal District at the launch of the student campaign "Teacher of the Future".

Everything achieved in 2020 and the possibilities of 2021 are the results of the joint work of the staff and students of the Tomsk Pedagogical. And, standing on the threshold of the new year, I want to wish us inspiration, fearlessness in setting ambitious goals and perseverance in achieving them, good luck and victories in creative and scientific endeavors. Of course, health and prosperity to our loved ones and families, who support us no matter what!

Happy New Year!