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An association agreementbetween the Tomsk State Pedagogical University and the EFKO Group of Companies was signed by the rector Andrey Nikolaevich Makarenko and the Director for Innovation of the EFKO Group Anna Alexandrovna Nenakhova.

The EFKO Group of Companies is one of the leaders in the food industry in Russia and oil and fat production among the countries of the Eurasian Economic Community. Coopertaion will be established in scientific and educational spheres in order to expand effective and mutually beneficial relations, including the organization of scientific internships, practices, training programs, joint development of educational projects. An important part of the agreement is a possibility for TSPU students, who speak English at a high level, to employ ate the positions of specialists engaged in the company's international projects.

“The signing of a cooperation agreement with the EFKO group of companies will allow Tomsk State Pedagogical University, on the one hand, to expand the horizons of cooperation, discover the mew fields for scientific and research internships. On the other hand, the fact that one of the largest commercial holdings in the Russian and European markets considers our translators to be great professionals who can work in the real sector of the economy, testifies to the high level of training of our students”, — said the rector of the TSPU A.N. Makarenko.

"The EFKO Group of Companies is actively developing educational areas within the company. And in this sense, young specialists with pedagogical education are very important for us to build a solid scientific base. In addition, EFKO Group, as one of the largest oil and fat holdings in the European market, works in many areas with international partners and we always need highly qualified translators. Tomsk State Pedagogical University is one of the leading universities in Siberia and trains specialists with fluency in foreign languages. Therefore, today we are holding a meeting with students and we want to form a base of young translators, whom we will be able to involve in our projects in the future” — said Anna Nenakhova.

The first joint event was the meeting "Career in Innovation: Where should Translator start?" held by the specialists of the EFKO Innovations LLC Pavel Pestov and Natalia Pereverzerova with students of the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Cooperation of the TSPU. Future linguists and translators learned about the activities of the company, vacancies and passed tests, based on the results of which the TSPU students will be able to receive an invitation to work at the EFKO Group.