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Rector's congratulations with the Victory Day

Dear veterans, home front workers, dear students and university staff, I congratulate you with the Victory Day!

May the 9th is a day of remembrance for heroes! Those who walked towards the unknown in a mortal battle. Those to whom we have been grateful for life and freedom for 75 years.

In our country, there is not a single house that the memory of the war would not touch: in every corner of Russia, people carry in their hearts the image of their hero, who passed along the roads of World War II. And even after 75 years, the feat of Soviet soldiers and rear workers, who hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, defended the right of descendants to a happy future, does not fade.

We, the ones who are living today, remember at what price this victory was given to our country. Health and longevity to our dear veterans!

Dear friends, once again I congratulate you on the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, I wish you good health and a peaceful clear sky.

Happy holiday!

Rector of the TSPU A. N. Makarenko