Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Completing summer season ...

Members of the "Danko" pedagogical team of TSPU has started the last shift of the third labor semester of 2019 at the "Ogonyok" children's recreation camp. The start of the thematic shift “Athletes are changing their profession” will be remembered by the children thanks to vivid concert where the numbers by guides and pupils will be presented. “During their time in the camp, the children will learn the basics of cinema: how to create movie scripts, set frames, shoot videos", - says Taisiya Shutova, the TSPU student from the Faculty of the foreign languages.

In total, seven guides of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University work in the camp. “Hundreds of games, many serious tasks, liters of compote from the dining room and meters of adhesive tape are waiting for us ahead, - says Taisiya. - We, as future teachers, are ready to impress children with unusual quests, military tactical games and many other events that were prepared during the year.”