Tomsk State Pedagogical University


In July activists of the Indigenous small-numbered peoples of the Siberia "Mi tare" and university staff hosted a creative evening for Vera Petrovna Tuzakova, a honourable winner of international competitions, a selkup, a native of the Parabel district in the Tomsk State Pedagogical University.

The concert was preceded by an exhibition of household items, arts and crafts and literature of indigenous people. The guests participated in the workshop on the manufacture of charmed rag dolls and received a Selkup souvenir - a personal amulet. The Selkups performed the ritual of making wishes with the help of tying ribbons.

The event was opened by the anthem of the indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East of the Russian Federation “We are Indigenous”, also written by Vera Tuzakova. The audience of the concert enjoyed Baha-Guno's “Ave Maria” and the song of the fisherwoman - an ancient tune recorded and translated into the Ob in the Kargasok district in 1982. The performanve of this song brought Vera first place at the international vocal competition in Italy. In addition, V.P. Tuzakova performed a number of her patriotic songs: about the raven village of Laskino (Ӄвэ́рэл э̄д), which is no longer there, about the Selkup language, about Siberian nature and people, as well as the premiere song “The Prophecy of the White Wolf”. The legend about the origin of the Raven clan, the Selkup tale about Granny Solomanida, the chastushkas about Granny Mado, became a harmonious addition to the concert.

The event was completed with a traditional round dance, in which all participants and spectators joined hands. The concert left vivid impressions on the guests, the performers and a great working spirit before the main event of the year - the Etudes of the North festival.