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The summer project “Open pedagogical class” of Tomsk State Pedagogical University for schoolchildren from eight municipalities of the region has been recetly finished. Among the participants were 28 students from 7-11 grades. The work program of the project was timed to the Year of Theater in Russia: kids learned the basics of theatrical pedagogy, revealing its potential in the work of a teacher. “Every day during the week, the guys plunged into the world of a theatrical profession (artist, director, screenwriter, and others), - says Daria Shitik, a student at the Tomsk State Pedagogical University. - The guys visited a lot of workshops (stage movement, stage speech, oratory, acting, script writing) and workshops on making badges and dolls.”


Having received the necessary knowledge, schoolchildren were able to independently develop and implement an educational and creative event for young citizens of Tomsk , which they held at the sites of White Lake. “The program that we invented together and implemented in the historical center of Tomsk has become a real pedagogical practice, - said Ksenia Sannikova, an 11 grade student of school number 83 of Seversk, - We organized playgrounds for children to meet, interact, enhance the emotional background as well as created water-based-makeup, and staged a theatrical production.”

The sights of Tomsk were not left without attention: as part of the project, city guests visited the Tomsk Regional Young Spectator's Theater, the UDI dance school, and the First Museum of Slavic Mythology. The summer camp's participants admitted that for some of them this project opened up a new way to the Pedagogical University and changed their view of the teaching profession, for others it strengthened confidence in the professional path that had already been chosen. “I dream of finishing school with good grades, which will allow me to enroll in TSPU and became an elementary school teacher, - said Ksenia. - I like working with the kids: they are very active and give all their energy to their work.”