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In the Tomsk State Pedagogical University, the regular “Open Pedagogical Class” project  has finished. It was attended by 84 students from educational institutions of Tomsk and the region. This time, only tenth-graders pupils were allowed to participate in the TSPU project. These guys were interested in teaching profession and still have time to choose the faculty and the subject area with which their professional life will be associated.

The spring stage of the project was a kind of completion of the school year: schoolchildren demonstrated what they learned, what they mastered, what they were convinced of during the time of passing the correspondence stages and meetings in real time. Acquired skills allowed to successfully complete the challenging tasks of the career-oriented quest, and conduct a meaningful discussion at a film club meeting as well as to effectively participate in the business game “If I was the Minister of Education”, the winners of which can become assistants in the planning of the “Pedagogical class” events in the next year, 

At the same time, the“Open Pedagogical Class” allowed children to understand from their own experience what lifelong education is: each participant had the opportunity to formulate a “summer assignment” for themselves. Designing an individual educational plan, getting to know the technology of organizing and conducting a modern lesson, meeting with practitioners gave a lot of food for thought and allowed to weigh the pros and cons when choosing a profession.