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The future teacher of foreign languages, a student of the TSPU, Darya Abbasova, became the winner of the second All-Russian Student Contest "I am a professional" in the category "Bachelor" in the direction of "Pedagogical education (basic)".

“I am a professional” is a large-scale educational competition of a new format for students of different specialties: technical, humanitarian and natural sciences. The tasks for the participants are made by the experts from leading Russian universities and the largest companies in the country. It is not abstract erudition that is tested, but professional knowledge.

A graduate student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​Darya Abbasova admits that she tried herself in the contest before, but she didn’t have enough knowledge on pedagogy and teaching methods - the contest is still meant for older students. This year, Daria successfully overcame all stages of the intellectual competition, winning experts with her professional knowledge and skills. The first round of the contest - the verification of the theoretical knowledge in the professional sphere - the participants had to beat online. And in the face-to-face stages it was necessary to prove oneself in practice, which, according to the student, is much more difficult.

“We conducted a model lesson during the regional tour in Novosibirsk, - says Daria. - Despite having experience, it was quite exciting to be under the watchful gaze of six judges - doctors and candidates of sciences, as well as working in front of the camera and with microphones. But I managed to cope and even get the highest score by the criterion of “Managing Your Emotions”.

In addition, teachers were evaluated according to other 15 indicators, including “presentation of information”, “emotional involvement”, “diversity of work”, “capability in Inforamtion technologies” and others. According to the results of this tour, Daria was choosen to participate in the final, which was held in Moscow . Here the participants had to solve a difficult task: solve the conflict situation that arose in the process of interaction between the teacher and the student’s parents.

We were given a description of the situation, after a written analysis of which we had to stage a meeting with “parents” - special actors with professional communication skills”, - says Daria.

In the final round, which was evaluated by five judges, the student of the TSPU managed to show good results. According to the results of all passed tests, Darya was awarded the status of a winner in the nomination “Pedagogical Education”!

Under the terms of the “I am a professional” contest, the best participants are given great opportunities: privileges for admission to master and postgraduate courses at leading universities of the country, internships at famous schools, the inclusion of the best young professionals in the HR database and a cash prize.

“In general, participation in this contest gives a powerful blast of inspiration and confidence, the opportunity to test yourself, get feedback on your work from experienced professionals, get to know colleagues from all over the country and have great memories in the end”, - says Daria.