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TSPU project "facets of additional education": first professional trials

Within the framework of the regional project of the TSPU "Facets of Additional Education", in partnership with the Education Department of the Tomsk Region, a project of a municipal level was developed. During this year students of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University will meet with children from countryside and teach them modern dance, educational robotics, computer graphics, volleyball, athletics, technology and visual arts.

To date, the future teachers have already held two meetings. “Students are keen on preparing classes with children, discovering new aspects and nuances of the educational process in the system of additional education, - said the project coordinator, head of the employment assistance department of the TSPU S.V. Shalyapin. - Problems also take place: issues of both organizational and pedagogical nature, and tricky questions from children. But on the other hand, the discovery of new qualities and opportunities, pride in getting out of a difficult situation, decent construction of classes, new knowledge, sympathy for children, many of whom go to classes from a nearby village or walk 1-2 kilometers - this is an invaluable experience of professional self-determination and pedagogical formation ”.

Already in April, the project organizers plan to implement educational programs for other groups of students.

A similar project is being implemented in our region for the first time and is a unique chance for young professionals to become familiar with the conditions of teaching and living in rural areas. In addition, school administrations can look at their future colleagues and invite them to full-time work. Another indisputable advantage of the project is that children from remote settlements will be able to complete new courses of additional education, get the maximum of knowledge that will be useful to them in life and professional self-determination.