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The Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Oleg Petrovich Bykov visited Tomsk State Pedagogical University on the Day of Russian Students. “I also have a pedagogical education, so today, on January 25, I am very pleased to meet with my colleagues at the Tomsk State Pedagogical University - said Oleg Petrovich. -The students of the university are very positive, it’s immediately clear that it was their sencire decision to chose that creative profession. When I worked in children's health camps, the topic of pedagogical creativity was also close to me, which is why today I decided to meet with the TSPU's youth. "

During the visit, the guest studied the halls of the picture gallery of The Faculty of Arts and Culture, got acquainted with the expositions of the Scientific and Educational Center "Folk Crafts of Siberia" of the Faculty of Technology and Entrepreneurship and the ethno-linguistic museum "Russian izba in Siberia", where, together with students of the TSPU, he took part in a creative workshop on artistic painting. Bykov also paid attention to resource base of the University: sports grounds and buildings of the TSPU. "I was surprised by the creative atmosphere, which is expected, but not so common in universities. - said the guest. - Usually meetings are held in classrooms, but today’s - was partly an exception: I had to show my skills in many audiences tha I attended and It was a pleasant surprise, such a creative dialogue. "

In the course of the work, the leaders of the student self-government structures of the TSPU told about their activities, numerous events that students organize for the university and the city, as well as those in which they regularly participate successfully, taking prizes and winning places. Concluding the conversation, Oleg Petrovich congratulated the students of TSPU on Tatiana's day: “I would like to wish TSPU students not to lose this creative spirit, creative atmosphere, the spark that allows you to develop and achieve serious results in professional life. On the Day of Russian students, I wish further development and success to students of Tomsk State Pedagogical University "