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Winter season of TSPU’s «Open pedagogical class»

«Open pedagogical class» project took place at the «Solnechny» center during the first week of 2019. 8-11 grades students from 15 schools of Tomsk became participants of a new theme program «School of pedagogical MIRACLEcraft» which coincided with the Year of a Theater in Russia.

«We exressed the features of pedagogical works by comparing it with theatrical activities: «Teacher – actor», «Teacher - artist», «Teacher – musician», «Teacher – script writer», «Teacher – director» – says the organizer of the project head of the department of social pedagogics G.Y. Titova – in the course of the project students were getting closer to the thought that we tries to tell them «Teacher – creator».

All the educational events – workshops, trainings, games, round tables, sketches – should have motivated all the participants to choose pedagogical specialization.

Representatives of the faculty and student activists of TSPU, as well as members of the Young Professional Club in Tomsk, worked with school students.

At the end of the project, studies have presented their sketches on eternal topics of good and evil, beauty and ugliness. The expert activists of the Tomsk Young Specialist Club highly appreciated the creative competence of the students.