Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Math school at TSPU

Regional math school «Preparing for United State Examination in math» had been conducted in the center for the additional physics, mathematical and natural education of the TSPU. 65 pupils of 10-11 grades together with math teachers came from Tomsk and Tomsk region to participate in this event hosted by famous teachers and researches: A.V. Arbit, I.S. Grynshpon, L.A. Schumskaya, O.L. Gorbachev, T.M. Mezner. The open lecture “The Task of Fermat–Torricelli and its environs” by Alexey Vladimirovich Savvateev (Moscow) became a great surprise for participants.

According to the organizers of the school: «American psychologist K. Rogers understands the creative process as “the creation of a new product, that originates, on the one hand, from a unique individual, and on the other, from the material, events, people and circumstances of life”. It so happened that the creative atmosphere of such an educational event as the traditional Mathematical School conducted at the TSPU in the fall and spring, as well as the material srudied and lecturers-teachers invited – all contributed to immersion of high school students into the educational mathematical environment, thoughtful mastering of the Unified State Exam assignments of increased complexity».