Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Teacher's day in sport style

TSPU students that just have started their way on the teacher’s program have celebrated the Teacher’s day with sport events. The teams of first-year students have gathered in the university’s stadium to participate in sport challenges: pair running in a hoop, basketball game, running in “giant” boots, cross-rope. The final obstacle on the way to victory in the main stage was a test in a “caterpillar belt” – guys got into a giant tape and tried outrun each other in a race.

Inspiring chants were heard throughout the entire stadium, colorful posters with encouraging slogans flashed at each stage, and pompoms of cheerleaders did not stop for a second in their crazy dance. The students of the Faculty of physical culture and sports proved their skills: the guys completed the challenge in a record time - 2 minutes. 09 sec. The second place was won by the students of the Faculty of preschool and elementary education, the third ones were the team of the Faculty of economics and management. The awards found their athletes, and the participants got teamwork experience and vast of positive emotions for the next educational week!