Tomsk State Pedagogical University

«STARTUS – 2018»

On the last weekend second-year students of the TSPU became the participants of the traditional festival of sport, creativity and tourism «Startus». This year the festival was held in «The year of volunteer» theme.

Eight of the most active and creative representatives of each faculty of the university were fighting for the "Friendship" cup and other festival awards for three days, trying themselves in the obstacle course, hiking trail and in various sports, resisting their fears, participating in games, contests and extreme quests.

«On the first day, we tried ourselves in creative tasks: made up mottos inspired by Startus, showed creative business cards and actively took part in role-playing games aimed to to rallying the team, identification of leaders etc. The second day, the day of tourism, was even more intense and caused very mixed emotions. Starting from the eatly morning, the captains of the teams hurried to pass the tourist trail and obstacle course in order to lead their teams through the same route, - says Vera Plotnikova the captain of one of the teams. - It was difficult, but all fought to the end, trying to overcome the test in the minimum time. However, this was only the beginning of the day ... In the second half we became participants of the "Shining" game, where everyone had to fight with their own fears. There was a goal - to assemble parts of the broken reactor and "repair" the mechanism. During the game the lights were cut-off on all the territory of the "Health" Center, where the "Startus" passed and only the red searchlight illuminated the road, and the silence of the forest was disturbed by the howling of the siren. We had to contact insects, a real python, as well as to dodge gamers who frightened and prevented testing. So much adrenaline!

On the third day of competitions, everyone was able to shoot from the air rifle, play laser tag, show oneself in tug-of-war, and cross the crossfit path, which seemed the heaviest trial of them all».