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Round table with colleagues from Poland at TSPU

In the center for Polish language and culture of the TSPU representatives of the University have met with their Polish colleagues to discuss issues of education in schools throughout the different countries. The title of the round table was «The problem of implementing educational training in schools in Russia and Poland: traditions, experience, innovations». Among the participant were:

Anna Ketlinska, chairwoman of Podlaskie division of «Wspólnota Polsk» association; director of the main school No. 5 in Bialystok, Bogdan Vrubel, as well as teachers of religion and computer science Yezhy Oraksinski, geography teacher Veslava Kolosa, history teacher Barbara Bunko, math teacher Agnieszka Belska, music teacher Katazhyna Bratchko, elementary school teacher Grazhyna Filonovich; director of the MAUU Gymnasium No. 26, Tomsk, Inessa Ershovna Kashenova, Deputy director for methodological activities Julia Uralova, teacher of the Polish language Snezhana Dmitrievna Kanaki; the chairman of the general education committee of the Tomsk Oblast Evgeny Stepanov, the head of the development department of the Department of Education of the Tomsk Administration Elena Lyashenko.


Within the framework of scientific communication, participants discussed the issues of the school life, school behavior, educational programs and organization of leisure activities, extra-curricular and after-hours work of students. Teachers paid special attention to inclusive education, as well as the prospects for implementing the pedagogical ideas of Janusz Korczak in schools in Russia and Poland.

The visit of the Polish delegation to the Tomsk State Pedagogical University was made possible by the project of the Polish and Tomsk general schools "Together for Education". The next stage of the project will be the visit of Siberian teachers to Poland.