Tomsk State Pedagogical University


«ART-CHAOS. Garbage wind» a project of regional level, that was developed by students and teachers of the TSPU, has been started. The main goal of the project is to provoke a sense of environmental responsibility among Tomsk citizens and residents of the region through promotion of ​​a reasonable restriction in the consumption and even a complete rejection of things that cause irreparable harm to nature, as well as civilized waste management. The participants of the «ART-CHAOS: Garbage wind» can become pupils of preschool institutions, students of regional and municipal educational organizations of all levels, cultural institutions, teachers of regional and municipal educational organizations, employees of cultural institutions, members of public organizations, initiative groups.

Nominations of the project:

- Educational and methodological development of environmental issues.

- Social project of ecological problems.

- Art object from waste materials.

- Animation film on an environmental theme.