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Knowledge day at TSPU: how it was?

The first of September is a very important day not only for schoolchildren and students but also for everybody who is involved in educational process: principles, deans, teachers, curators, associates of educational institutions. That is why everyone, who thinks that Knowledge day is one of the most important events, has gathered in the assembly hall of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University.

First year students were the most honored guests of the concert. For them it was the first time that they enter the University in a new status - a student. The rector of the TSPU Valery Vladimirovich Obukhov opened the celebratory program with greeting words:

«Dear friends! I congratulate all those present, as well as the entire staff of the oldest pedagogical university in the east of the country with our common holiday - the Day of Knowledge! Traditionally the main words of congratulation are addressed to our freshmen. You guys were lucky to enter the best pedagogical university of the country: according to the rating of the international agency QS, Tomsk State Pedagogical University is the third among the universities of the BRICS countries, which is 40% of the population! It was not at all easy to enter Tomsk Pedagogical School. And you know this better than anyone. I am very glad that your new life begins with such great success! Student years are the best, the most interesting, the most romantic. We will do our best to ensure that you finish our university with a full luggage of knowledge. You will be proud of us, and we will be proud of you. I wish you, friends, success in your studies and personal life. Hurray to the new academic year!»

Vice rectors and deans of the TSPU told students about opportunities of the extracurricular activities and creative troupes of the University have greeted freshmen with the dancing and singing numbers. Then there were conversations in the narrow faculty circles: the deans and curators of the groups from among the students of the TSPU met their students and shared the specifics of the training at their faculties.

In the afternoon, all the freshmen met in the Teacher's Park to pass the "Tomsk Route" quest. Guys were divided into groups and followed the city route, studying the streets and sights of Tomsk, finding the curators of the TSPU and carrying out their assignments. More than 300 people, 10 competing teams, seven stations and only one and a half hours to overcome the path: despite the bad weather, the positive and eagerness to win helped the participants to cope with the task. Time was the main yardstick of victory: the three fastest teams were awarded with gift sets, which are sure to be useful to every student living in a dormitory. In addition, as part of the "Tomsk Route" was an additional contest for the most original team photo. Sweet prizes were given to creative first-year students of 2018!