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TSPU Professor on Tomsk television

In the interview to Tomsk television company, one of the key scientists of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Sergei Dmitrievich Odintsov have answered the questions about the recent international conference «Quantum field theory and gravitation» held in the TSPU as well about theoretical discoveries in physics and death of the Universe.

Last week, TSPU hosted a number of important scientific events. TSPU professor, theoretical physicist Sergei Odintsov, in collaboration with a colleague from Greece, has created a model showing the possible death of the universe. Scientists have shown that the singularity of a dynamical system is not always identical with a physical one. "We found out that singularity can not arise, and then the universe can evolve for an infinitely long time. But for this, it must be described by alternative gravity" Odintsov said. A singularity is understood as the state of the universe, when all the parameters describing it, in particular, curvature, gravitational field intensity and energy, are equal to infinity. Calculations show that the death of the observed world can occur in 30-40 billion years.

In addition, about one hundred scientists from 20 countries of the world who arrived at the TSPU to participate in the XI International Conference "Quantum Field Theory and Gravitation" shared their discoveries in the field of theoretical physics.