Tomsk State Pedagogical University


 Traditionally, during the summer holidays, students of the Tomsk State pedagogical University participate in pedagogical internship based on summer camps of Tomsk and other cities of Russia. The future teachers get an opportunity to try themselves as camp counselors after passing the «Counselor school» of TSPU and participating in special training in «Voshod» camp. Some of our students prefer to develop their teaching skills in Tomsk region and others travel to Krasnoyarsk or Krasnodar regions.


Initially the «Summer internship» was meant only for the future social teachers and psychologists but after introduction of Bachelor training it became obligatory for all students who are undergoing training in «Pedagogical education» and «Psychology and pedagogical education». The main goal of internship is to form professional trades: ability to cooperate with children, to organize their collaboration, support their activity, initiative and independence, to develop their creative abilities. The main feature of TSPU internship is that students immerse in the process by working as counselors in a summer camp. For many years, our camp-partners provide us with grounds for this internship: «Zdorovie», «Voskhod», «Cosmonaut» sanatorium, «Prometheus» sanatorium and others), the camps of the Kemerovo Region, the Krasnodar Territory, and the famous «Orlyonok» camp. In total more than 40 out-of-town and school camps participate in the internship.