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The international sambo tournament of “A” category for prizes of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held in Astana. Valeria Anisimova the student of the faculty of physical culture and sport of TSPU had successfully defended honor of Tomsk and our university at the competitions. At the tournament, which brought together about 250 athletes from 16 countries, Valeria won a gold medal.

"I am pleased with the performance of the girls, the tournament is very demanding, serious and prestigious that's why almost all the strongest athletes arrived in Astana. I am very happy for Valeria, finally she managed to rise to the highest step of the pedestal. From the first meetings it became clear that she aimed for victory, but before the final meeting, we all felt tension in the air. Her final rival, Russian Aiko Ri - very uncomfortable for Lera, in Tomsk at the Russian championship among the students Lera got injured fighting with her, but this time she won. Right after the tournament, the girls will go to Kislovodsk, where they will continue to prepare for the next rounds as part of the Russian national team" said the coach, Denis Vyshegorodtsev.