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Director of the Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy of TSPU L.G. Smyshlyaeva acted as speaker on two communication platforms of the All-Russian Youth Educational Forum "Territory of Meanings on the Klyazma". The "Education of the Future" forum gathered about a thousand of school teachers and university professors, chairmen, coordinators, curators and leaders of the Russian Movement of School Students (RMSS), representatives of student media and bloggers.

Elena Ulyanova, President of the Institute for Acceleration of Economic Development (Rybakov Foundation) and Larisa Smyshlyaeva, organized a "conversation on an equal footing" with young Russian teachers to discuss the problems and pressing challenges of developing inclusive education in Russia.. Rybakov Foundation initiated the creation of the Russian digital platform "Equality of Opportunity", where the best Russian experience of inclusive education will be demonstrated. Presenting the university community of our city, Tomsk State Pedagogical University will become an active participant in the process of creating a source of technologies for inclusive education.

In addition, Larisa Germanovna had held a workshop for the forum’s participants "Professional development of the teacher: meanings and scenarios". On the platform, the professional development of a modern teacher was discussed.

During the shift, the participants merged into profile communities, depending on the direction they represent: teachers of general education; chairmen, curators and coordinators of the RMSS; students of pedagogical specialties of universities and representatives of media communities. In the groups, they learned to determine trends for the design of personal and team tracking of tactical and strategic changes, discussed global trends in the field of education, set goals for the coming year, both personal and professional. Each team chose a mentor from among the organizers, moderators, experts or participants to work together on the implementation of the plan.

The personal development program also included interdisciplinary workshops, networking, lectures and discussion clubs.

The partner of the event was the public-state children's and youth organization "Russian movement of schoolchildren".

The guests of the educational platform in 2018 also became Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Andrei Fursenko; Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilyeva; First Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Grigory Trubnikov; Chairman of the Committee of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation for Science, Education and Culture Zinaida Dragunkina; Hero of Russia, pilot-cosmonaut, Chairman of the RMSS Sergei Ryazansky; Rector of the Higher School of Economics Yaroslav Kuzminov; the head of the educational program of the Higher School of Economics, the academic head of the programs "Pedagogical Education" and "Teacher for Russia" Oleg Fedorov; director of the Institute of Education Isak Frumin.

At the closing of the shift, Deputy Director for Information Policy and Projects of the Russian Children and Youth Center, Dmitry Pokrovsky and Program Director of the "Territory of Meanings on Klyazma" Matvey Navdaev addressed the participants and thanked the young teachers for their interest and desire to grow and develop.

Territory of meanings on Klyazma" for the fourth time is held in the Vladimir region. This year there are six shifts, two of which have already taken place. The next profile site "Digital World" starts on July 13. The forum is organized by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs.

This year, together with speakers Elena Ulyanova, President of the Institute for Accelerating Economic Development (Rybakov Foundation) Foundation, and Larisa Smyshlyaeva, Director of the Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy of Tomsk State Pedagogical University, participants discussed the features of inclusive education in our country.