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The Faculty of Biology and Chemistry has finished the Field Practice

While admission campaign is pickin up speed  students if the Faculty of Biology and Chemistry has finished summer field practices and the third year students finished their practice in agriculture and plant physiology and chemistry:

"At first we passed the botany practic, supervised by Minich Irina Borisovna, and visited numerous "green islands" within and outside Tomsk, and in Timiryazevskoye village we visited the Tomsk Forest Museum located in a picturesque pine forest. Information on forest, its flora and fauna, the history of development and the current state of the forestry industries of the Tomsk region is presented in the Museum. On the forest area near to the museum one cas see the main forest-forming species, grasses and shrubs, plants exotic for our region: thuja and euonymus, oak and Padus maackii, fustic and ash, elm and velvet Amur, Manchurian nut and Kuril tea .In order to study the aquatic vegetation, we visited the sandy lake (Timiryazevskoye village), the Chaginsky swamp (the complex nature monument of the Tomsk region , the area is 40 hectares), where peat and the process of its formation were studied.

We visited specially protected natural area of Kolarovo village, climbed 315 stairs to the place of our research of plants, worked in the center of Tomsk on Novo-Sobornaya Square. Future teachers should be able to discover somethin new in already familiar places!
As part of the practice of zoology invertebrates under the leadership of Lydia Valentinovna Lukyantseva, we visited the Botanicheskoe Lake, the White Lake. Students studied and described various animals - insects, arachnids, zoobenthos. "And now all the lessons are over... Until September, my dear university!