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"Summer school of entertaining science" has ended at TSPU

Despite the summer, ciltural and educational activites are in full swing at the TSPU. Participants of "Summer in the city" project entertain and educate the youngest children of Tomsk. Older kids decided to spend summer time at the TSPU centre for additional physicomathematical and natural education.  The first weeks of June students of the gymnasium № 18 spent at the TSPU.

Teachers and students of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics organized entertaining lessons in physics, mathematics, computer science and astronomy for participants of the summer course. The children got acquainted with the amazing properties of the liquid , understood the actions of simple mechanisms, got acquainted with the main constellations of the star sky, got an idea of ​​the structure of the solar system and size of space objects, carried out practical work, competed  in the mathematical game, created their own computer game.

In the end of "Summer School of Entertaining Science" there was an exciting quest game "In search of sacred knowledge." Not all of the quests' tasks turned out to be simple for the participants, but no one gave up, the kids passed all the tests with honor and obtained the "sacred knowledge".