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The Center for Additional Physical, Mathematical and Natural Science Education of the TSPU hosted a mini competition "Martian roboralli", which was the result of the common work of the research and development club on astronomy and cosmonautics.

The schoolchildren from School No. 64 (Timiryazevskoe village) and gymnasium No. 18 took part in the competition. Each team had to assemble a model of their own mobile robot from the Mindstorms EV3 robotic constructor and pass the "Martian" obstacle course, which consisted of various difficult sections. Each participant overcame obstacles controlled by a robot, thereby earning points for his team.

The amount of earned points was based on the results of the obstacle course, and the time that took competitors to pass it. The first place was taken by the team "Feras" of the School No. 64 (consisting of Fedotov Victor and Pochekutov Arseniy). The teams "Vezdehod" (consisting of Denisov Daniil and Vasiliev Evgeniy) and "Ferra" (consisting of: Andrey Tarasenko and Veronika Starikova) scored the same number of points and divided the second place. All participants of the competition were awarded with certificates and sweet prizes.

The cosmonautics and astronomy clubs was organized within the framework of the TSPU grant project "Design and Research Activities of Schoolchildren in the Sphere of Astronautics and Astronomy" (part of All-Russia projects "People of the Future").