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TSPU is broadening cooperation with Chinese universities

Tomsk State Pedagogical University keeps on maintaining relations with the Universities of China

TSPU delegation at Heilongjiang University (Harbin)

Delegation of the Tomsk State pedagogical University headed by the vice-rector of international activities C. E. Osetrin visited Heilongjiang University (Harbin). During the visit, the further cooperation between universities was discussed and as a result it was agreed to cinduct the first teleconference for the teaching staff on the matter of methodology for teaching Russian as a foreign language. The parties discussed the prospects of a joint project for the «Russkiy Mir» Foundation. It is also planned to prepare graduate students and teachers using the Russian-teaching methodology based on TSPU. Another outcome of the strengthening of international relations between the TSPU and the Heilongjiang Institute will be joint publications on the issues of teaching of Russian language. Chinese colleagues aslo showed great interest in video clips prepared by students of TSPU and it was decided to make joint videos on universities, cities and students' lives.

Harbin Institute of Petroleum

Within the framework of international cooperation representatives of the Tomsk State pedagogical University visited the Harbin Institute of Petroleum.

Tomsk and Harbin universities have been successfully cooperating for many years. During this mission, the delegation, headed by Vice-Rector for International Activities, K.E. Osetrin, visited a number of faculties to discuss prospects for further cooperation between universities.

In the next academic year, it is planned to receive students from China for training in the field of «Preschool education”. Also, the staff of the TSPU are ready to help colleagues from the Harbin Institute to develop the direction of «Preschool education» and to conduct distance courses for the upgrading of qualifications of the teaching staff.

In the near future, the Harbin Institute plans to open a department of preparation Russian language courses (for students planning to apply for the TSPU) that will allow students to enroll the main programs of Tomsk Pedagogical University.

For several years the students of the Harbin Institute of Petroleum have been successfully learning Russian at the preparatory courses of the TSPU, then continue their education at the main faculties, and also participate in academic exchange programs. In the new academic year, Tomsk Pedagogical University also expects a significant number of Chinese students, both for preparatory courses and for basic training programs.

Jilin University

In Changchun TSPU delegation visited Jilin University which is one of the universities-partners. As a result of the visit, a number of agreements were reached, designed to expand the cooperation of the two universities. In October 2018, a videoconference on the methodology of teaching Russian as a foreign language will be held. In addition, the parties expressed willingness to participate in joint social projects. In the course of business communication representatives of TSPU and Jilin University discussed the possibility of conducting distance conferences . The joint publication of scientific journals and joint applications for grants in China and Russia were among the issues that drew much attention. Employees and teachers of TSPU are ready to provide expert assistance for the opening of the postgraduate courses at the University of Jilin.

As part of a business trip to the universities of China, the delegation of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University visited the Shenyang University. Representatives of universities discussed the prospects for developing cooperation in various fields, including studying of Russian language. The Chinese side expressed great interest in research conducted at the Biological and Chemical Faculty of the TSPU in the field of engineering chemistry, biology, ecology, and biotechnology. An equally important part of the visit was discussion of issues related to the programs of academic exchanges between the two universities, as well as invitation of students from Shenyang to the preparatory department of the TSPU.

Shenyang Ligong University

 The delegations of the TSPU and Shenyang Polytechnic University met in the city of Shenyang. At the meeting, the possibility of cooperation in the areas of the Russian language as a foreign language was discussed. In addition, much attention was paid to the areas related to PR and the media, since they are the ones that cause the students of the Polytechnic University.

Every year, the Tomsk Pedagogical University helds a summer school for the study of the Russian language and culture for foreign students. Students from the Shenyang University also received an invitation to participate in the next summer school. As a result of the talks, it was decided to develop cooperation between the TSPU and the Shenyang Polytechnic University in various forms and areas.

Mudanjiang Normal University

In 2018 active cooperation continues between Tomsk State Pedagogical University and Mudanjiang Normal University (China), which is an old partner of TSPU.

For several years students of the Mudanjiang University have been coming to the TSPU for academic exchanges for bachelor and master's programs. Students signed for basic training programs and showed excellent results, so this practice will be continued in the coming years, and the number of students is going to increase.

It is also planned to organize the joint work of student television of two universities: joint videos will be prepared about universities and student life, which will then be presented to international competitions. Another point of discussion during the talks was the question of improving the qualifications of the teaching staff in the methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language.