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Canadian professor met with schoolchildren of Tomsk

Ricahrd Ernst from Carleton University ( Ottawa, Canada) have met with the schoolchildren interested in astronautics at TSPU.  Canadian researcher had delivered a popular science lecture and explained the young participants of the "Space lesson" how the geology of a planet may influence its climate.

At the moment there is an unique phenomenon takes place on Earth — Kīlauea vulcano on the Hawaiian Islands has been erupting since May. During the eruption the lava is being hardened and it goes beneath the hard layers finds its way through the cracks and flows to the ocean. On other places on Earth as well as on the Moon, Venus, Mercury and Mars the results of vulcanic activities  as lava riverbeds and rock overlap can also be observed. Scientists are studying the planet from photos taken from spacecraft, and restore tectonic events. The inner part of the planet has a high temperature, which together with the solar radiation determines the temperature and climate on the surface.

 Richard Ernst in great details has explained these processes to the Tomsk schoolchildren, showing the generality of the processes that krrp on taking place on the Earth, with processes on other planets of the solar system. The listeners were interested in the questions: how to study the surface and geology of the planets, is it possible to know from geological data whether there was life on the planet, what is the peculiarity of Venus, what results were obtained during the study of its volcanism. Schoolchildren received detailed answers from the professor.