Tomsk State Pedagogical University


"Local activists school TSPU 2018 - Reload" took place at The Tomsk State Prdagogical University and 100 most active students had joined it. Thanks to educational platdorms by experts in diffierent areas, the participants had gained a lot of knowledge, discovered new talents and developed good traits.

30 senior students and leaders of student government structures of the TSPU took part in the event's organization. Together they created a bright and rich program for future teachers and university activists. For three days the students visited a lot of educational platforms, met with well-deserved teachers of Russia, Tomsk, Tomsk region, underwent a series of workshops, participated in interactive venues, and also held a "promotion night" within the walls of the university. Each participant was able to plunge into the world of education and gain the necessary knowledge in the field of student government, effective communication.

- How was the first day of the Local activists school?
- Today was a great day, many guys came tired after their study, but despite this, everyone received a huge blast of emotions. I really enjoyed this event, here I met interesting people, I learned a lot of useful information that will be useful in the future. The most memorable of all was the training "Effective Communications", which took place in an unusual format.

Yurtaeva Ekaterina, Faculty of history and philology, 1 year student

- What are your impressions of the Local activists school?
- First of all, I want to express my deep gratitude to the organizers of the Local School  2018 "Reloading": the guys have done a tremendous job gathering a huge number of people at the university. Secondly, I am very glad that I passed the selection and was invited. I managed to attend a master class "Acting skills". I learned a lot of interesting information, which will be useful in my future activities, and also had a great time!

Plotnikova Vera, Facylty of technology and entrepreneurship, 1 year student