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"Culture of written speech. Lecture course. Practice " textbook  by the authors from the Faculty of History and Philology of the TSPU, Doctor of Philology, prof. A.V. Kuryanovich and Ph.D., Assoc. A.Yu. Sarkisov, took the III place in the nomination "Social and Humanistic Sciences" of the contest "University textbook-2017", that was organized by group of companies "Ai Pi Er Media" (Russia, Saratov).

The textbook is basic for studying the discipline "The Culture of Written Speech" - one of the key theoretical and applied sections of the university course "The Culture of Speech", which is a part of the basic part of the bachelors’ program. The structure and content of the textbook are determined by a many-sided consideration of writing as a type of speech activity from the point of view of the psychological-pedagogical, educational-methodological, genre-stylistic, normative-codification, semiotic-graphological approaches. Addressed to students, teachers, parents, a wide range of specialists dealing with problems of speech development and verbal communication in general.