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TSPU students are «future of Tomsk region»

Governor of the Tomsk region have met with the students of Tomsk universities – holders of the governor scholarships – and awarded them with the medals «The future of the Tomsk region». Student of the faculty of economics and management of the TSPU  Ngatsongo Oba Belsa Eduard from Kongo has received a personal reward. Matiukhina Mariia Viktorovna, second year postgraduate student of the faculty of foreign languages of the TSPU has been awarded with the sign «The future of the Tomsk region».

"You really are the future of our region, the region that is based on the development of science and higher education", - said Sergey Zhvachkin.

The new honorary sign depicts a nutcracker holding a nut in his beak. 26 students, studying in the humanities, science, physics, mathematics and engineering fields, including four foreigners (from Vietnam, India and Congo) became the owners of this reward along with the governor's scholarships.