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The first linguo-festival organized by specialists of the faculty of foreign languages took place at the scientific library of TSPU.

Essentially it was a contest between foreign students that don’t speak Russian as native language. Among those ones willing to participate in the event were not only TSPU students but also guys from Tomsk State University, Tomsk Polytechnic University and Siberian State Medical University. 

All the participants have to prepare two numbers – a song and a poem in Russian and in their native language. In the final stage of the contest six songs and eleven poems were chosen to be performed during the gala concert. The numbers were rated by the professional jury consisted of the professors and specialists of the faculty of foreign languages.

The first place among the students studying Russian for less than three years was taken by Wang Zihan, who read A. Zhukovsky's poem "The Skylark", the second - Yu Zixuan with M. Lermontov's poem "I want to live!". The third place was shared by Zhang Sibo (A. Pushkin "I loved you") and Liu Shuang (M. Tsvetaeva "I would like to live with you"). Liu Shuang also received a special prize from the student jury. All students of the first category are representatives of China.

The students of the Wroclaw University (Poland), who study at the TSPU within the framework of the academic exchange, Dominika Musial and Katarzyna Golambiowska took the first and second places among the students studying the Russian language for more than three years. They have presented poems by A. Akhmatova's "Bury, bury me, the wind" and I. Brodsky's "Debut."

A special prize was awarded to TPU student from Indonesia, Devi Eirene Pridari Sisya, for the soulful performance of AIr Mata's "Tears" in her native language, and Alicia Dyrda (Poland) for her solo performance of the song "Winter Dream" from Alsou's repertoire and Polish song Biegnij przed siebie.

The collective performance of the songs was evaluated as follows: the first place was taken by female students from Poland for the song "I am a soldier", the second place took the students from Indonesia for the song "The Cuckoo" by V. Tsoi, the third place took students from China with the song "Oh, frost, frost".

In the lobby of the library, the staff of the Scientific Library of the TSPU prepared an interesting exposition, presenting Russian costumes and poetry, including rare items from the fund of the National Library of the TSPU.