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"Children of one Sun" event at TSPU

The traditional project of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University "Children of One Sun", implemented by the activists of the TSPU Volunteer Detachment "Point of View" for handicapped children has took place in the new academic year.

Last weekend the volunteers of the Tomsk Pedagogical University met with kids and their parents from the city of Seversk. This time, the entertaining and educational program was devoted to "Magic". At the festival, the children had to face the evil witch who wanted to "steal" fun, but children were able to return her faith in kindness. The lessons in chemistry and the demonstration of incredible experiments, dances with volunteers and guitar songs - the festival was filled with adventures and fun!

After an entertaining part of the day, the participants, together with their parents, went through a series of master classes where they learned how to make magic wands and created their own space in a bottle. In the end, each participant was awarded the "Wizard's Certificate".

The meeting ended with a friendly tea-party with ballons.