Tomsk State Pedagogical University


The graduate of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University, the head of the Center for Patriotic Education of the TSPU, school teacher of history and social studies, Konstantin Cherenkov held a convincing victory in the professional contest "Knight Of Education - 2017", which was conducted as part of the All-Russian Forum of Educational Practices.

Participants of the competition in the field of pedagogical skill were male teachers, teachers of additional education, teachers of higher educational institutions, working part-time in educational institutions. Applicants for the title of "knight of education" had passed two stages: correspondence and full-time. In the first round, the teachers submitted to the jury a clause on the topic "Knight in Education - what does this mean?" The second stage included a creative presentation and an educational tournament, the main task of which was to check the skills of participants to solve pedagogical problems.

The final stage that revealed the best of the male teachers of the Tomsk region, included four contestants. The representative of TSPU Konstantin Anatolyevich Cherenkov became winner of the competition and was awarded with the title of "Knight Of Education - 2017". "Knighting" was held at the closing ceremony of the competition.