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«Art-chaos» workshop for teachers and pupils

In September and October the creators of the TSPU’s ecological project «Art-chaos. Garbage wind» have conducted four workshops for teachers and pupils of Toms and Tomsk region. The first three events took place in Asino and the last workshop was organized within the walls of the TSPU Scientific library. There were two sections: one aimed for teachers and another for students.

 The organizers told the teachers about the educational and methodical developments, social projects, research projects and art objects based on waste materials. In the second section, pupils together with Arthur Shugurov, director of the "On the Cloud" film studio created an animated film.

A total of about two hundred people took part in these events, and four animated films were made. And starting from October 10, 2017, the reception of competitive works for participation in the new phase of the project «ART-CHAOS. Garbage breeze» has started.