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TSPU studetns at autumnal equinox

On the last weekend Activists of the TSPU Centre for patriotic education had participated in the organization of the holiday of autumnal equinox “Oseniny” that took place in the First museum of Slavic mythology. Students of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University had offered various workshops to the participants of the events. Visitors could learn how to make a beautiful decoration from ashberries and how to prepare cabbage salting. They could also taste delicious and healthy non-yeasted bread and learn how to properly stock pinecones and witness a threshing and milling worshop.

"In former times they called two weeks of rest after the end of agricultural work as “Oseniny”. Hay was in the haystacks, the bread was harvested, the vaults were bursting with the abundance of vegetables ... In gratitude for these gifts our ancestors-farmers honored Mother Earth – note the employees of the First Museum of Slavic Mythology. – The central day of Autumn is the day of the autumnal equinox (September 22) - one of the main sunny holidays in the Slavic calendar. After that, "the day runs away like a horse" like out our ancestors said. From this day, the “thrashing” began - in the mornings, at the fire, bread was threshed."