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TSPU graduate has become a winner of the “first steps contest”

The final stage of city’s contest “First steps” took place on the 16th of May in the Palace of creativity of children and youth and according to the tradition TSPU has become a supporter of this event. 25 young teachers from elementary schools of Tomsk have become participants of the contest. We were happy to know that 4 out of 5 finalists of the contest were graduates of TSPU. The main objective of the contest is to increase prestige of teaching profession, to attract young specialist to schools in conditions of disastrous lack of pedagogical staff at schools.

The final tests included three competitions: "My professional discovery", "To children through creativity", "Solution of the pedagogical situations". In scope of the first stage, the contestants have told about discoveries that they made during their activities: the importance of joint affairs, the importance of stage adaptation, the impact of books on the development of the child, etc. In the second contest, participants have demonstrated their creative abilities and hobbies, showed how they use them in professional Activities. And, finally  the solution of pedagogical situations, taken not from dry textbooks, but from feature films for children,.

Petrochenko Darya Andreevna, a graduate of the Pedagogical Faculty of 2015 has become the winner, the second place was taken by Anna Rasskazova, a graduate of the Pedagogical Faculty of 2010, the third place by Svetlana Savelyeva, a graduate of the History and Philology Faculty of 2012.