Tomsk State Pedagogical University

TSPU "Sibege" project

The project by Tomsk State Pedagogical University “Sibege” was mentioned in the analytical report made by Higher School of Economics, dedicated to online-services for school students in Russia.

The program developed by specialists of TSPU allows pupils to get a free online-preparation for Unified State Examination in Math, Physics and English. The lessons are conducted by students from various faculties of the University as well as by teachers of Center for additional physico-mathematical and natural education of TSPU.

“Free services (as online-courses Sibege) attract children from low-income families that can not afford private tutors. Representatives of such category among the users of free services can estimates up to 40% ” – says the website of Higher School of Economics.

To the advantages of TSPU "Sibege" project one can add a brand new approach to the training of teachers: students (future teachers) try to conduct their first lessons, have an opportunity to look at themselves from the side using video recording and evaluate their work. Along with students the lessons are also conducted by high-level teachers.

TSPU specialists involved in “Sibege” have specific targets for the next year: one of them is to increase number of online-lessons with participation of students and best teachers of the University.