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VICE-RECTOR of TSPU was awarded with "PATRIOTS OF RUSSIA" medal

On the eve of Russia's Day, which is celebrated in our country on June 12, the governor of Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin has awarded the citizens of Tomsk and Tomsk region with state and regional awards. Dmitry Borisovich Nasonov, vice-rector for youth policy and educational work of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University, was awarded with the "Patriot of Russia" medal, which was solemnly presented by the head of the region.The ceremony was visited by the deputy governor, the representatives of the real sector of the economy, scientific and educational complex, social sphere. In a congratulatory speech Sergey Anatolievich noted that in 1990 the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Russia initiated a new epoch in the political and economic world order. "We have opened the borders for people and private business. Our companies have entered competition on the domestic and international markets. Small and mid-sized businesses has started to develop. Russia has become increasingly integrated into the global political space. Instead one single point of view on the future of the country we were starting to have different option, laying the foundation of the first Soviet democracy. For 26 years Russia has gone through path of such political, economic social development, which other countries have succeed to overcome only in hundreds of years", - said the governor. National and regional awards were given to 26 participants. Along with a representative of Tomsk State Pedagogical University the eight other prominent figures of Tomsk and Tomsk region have been awarded with "Patriots of Russia" medals.