Tomsk State Pedagogical University


Student of the faculty of economics and management of TSPU Chernaya Natalia Sergeevna has passed a qualifying round of the all-Russian contest «My lawmaking initiative» and presented her work during the final stage.

Natalia competed in juridical section along with 30 representatives of universities from all over Russia. She has successfully represented TSPU and won II degree diploma (scientific adviser: Senior teacher of Civil Law department Choibsonova Chimita Vladimirovna). Jury has appreciated a high level of problem development and scientific novelty of submitted work. Every year «My lawmaking initiative» contest is being held to draw attention to the problems of state management, its structure as well as to inspire young people...

Russian language club

Dear students and teachers who decided to work and study in our city!

Faculty of foreign languages of TSPU invites you to become a part of the Russian language club!

We are going to discuss relevant topics, getting to know Russian traditions and customs, watch movies in Russian, play board games, visit cultural events and meet interesting people.

Our club is a right place if you want:

  • to overcome language barrier;
  • to come to grips with Russian culture;
  • to start communication in Russian
  • to improve perception of Russian speech by ear
  • to have a great time in a good company

Visit us on 28 October at 18:00 in room 401 (building 1)

Tomsk State Pedagogical University Bulletin seeks new contributors

Scientific magazine «Tomsk State Pedagogical University Bulletin» seeks new authors actively involved in modern state of pedagogical sciences and practices, as well as prospects of their development. The magazine is included in the «List of leading review scientific magazines and issues in which the primary scientific results of theses for doctor’s and candidate's academic degree should be published». The list is made by higher certifying commission of Department of Education and Science of Russian federation and aimed for the following specializations:

  • 13.00.00 Pedagogical sciences;
  • 07.00.00 Historical sciences;
  • 10.02.00 linguistics;
  • 10.01.00 philology.

«Tomsk State Pedagogical University Bulletin»...


Scientific magazine «Pedagogical Review» seeks authors involved in pedagogy, teaching methods and psychology. Our magazine is included in the new «List of leading review scientific magazines and issues in which the primary scientific results of theses for doctor’s and candidate's academic degree should be published». The list is made by higher certifying commission of Department of Education and Science of Russian federation and aimed for the following specializations:

  • 13.00.00 Pedagogical sciences
  • 19.00.00 Psychological sciences

«Pedagogical Review» magazine is included in the international database of periodical issues and series Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory» as well as in the Russian index of scientific quoting (RISQ). All...


«Faculty of additional specializations» educational center invites foreign and local students of TSPU to visit a self presentation which takes places on 17 of October at 16:00 in conference room of TSPU library (Gerzen 66 Street)

Program will include:

  1. Self presentation of the Faculty of additional specializations (FAS)
  2. Performances by FAS studios: variety show by violin and cello ensemble (male student group), vocal studio (popular music and folk), dance studio, studio of original song and guitar playing.
  3. Video presentation of dance and musical numbers.
  4. Presentation by teachers. Q&A.


Faculty of technology and entrepreneurship of the Tomsk state pedagogical university invites to participate in the regional exhibition-contest of suit sketch «Silhouette» which takes place between 21 of November and 1 of December 2016 in a scope of young fashion designers contest  «Creative design – 2016». The event will be dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the faculty of technology and entrepreneurship of TSPU. Applications can be submitted between in the period between 3 of October and  16 of November 2016.

More information can be find in the


Employees of Tomsk state pedagogical university have become winners of the regional contest «Laureate of Toms region award in education, science, health care and culture» in 2016. In nomination «Awards to young scientists and research and educational employees, specialists, doctoral candidates and postgraduate students in the age up to 35» the victory went to Zyrianova Olga Vasilevna, candidate of physico-mathematical sciences, associate professor of mathematical analysis department of physico-mathematical faculty (scientific adviser: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, professor Lavrov P. M.). Prize winner in nomination «Awards to full-time Studying students of higher education institutions» has become Andrienko Elizaveta Yurievna, postgraduate second year student of...


Tomsk state pedagogical university invites students and 9-11grade school students to participate in the social advertisement contest «Serious adverts. Take 11 »

Contest of social videos and printed works «Serious adverts» has become a traditional event for modern youth, who do care about our reality. Everyone who has its own opinion regarding problems of today’s society and who is able to suggest a solution should become a participant of «Serious adverts». With a 40-second video or bright motivating poster participants should demonstrate solution of relevant social problems.

The contest program include two days of professional workshops hosted by leading specialists in cinema, journalism, advertisement and PR, radio and television, photography and...

Rector's congratulation

Dear colleagues!

Happy Teachers’ day!

Teacher is a unique profession that is beyond time and fashion. One can become a teacher only by vocation. Our society has high requirements for teachers because people trust them their children. Teacher should be able to entertain and organize pupils, to make them interested in knowledge, to develop noble feelings of kindness, love to Motherland and respect to the others.

At this day I wish you long and happy life, filled with sunny days and delightful moments brought by your work, talented and thankful pupils.


Rector of the Tomsk...


Dear Valery Vladimirovich! Dear teachers, employees and students of the Tomsk state pedagogical university!

From the bottom of my heart I congratulate you with your professional holiday!

For more than a century Tomsk state pedagogical university trains specialist to who, citizens of Tomsk and other cities can trust the most precious thing in the world – their children

Your university keeps up with the time. Today your students not only save traditions of pedagogical education, but also have an opportunity to implement new approaches to educational process.

Happy childhood and further destiny of every human depends on teachers, their...