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A student of the Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports Valeria Anisimova time and successfully represents our university and the city at sports competition of different levels in sambo. And she did it again on the summer sports day of the youth of Russia, held in the city of Penza. In the 64 kg weight category, Valeria won a gold award.

"In general, I am pleased with the result, I really wanted to come home like a champion, I'm glad how everything turned out. Now I am planning to rest, I think I deserve a short vacation" - said Valeria Anisimova.

"The competitions were very hard for us, the girls are simply emotionally squeezed out after a hard season. I want to make adjustments for further training on arrival, the girls should have a good rest, and from...

Senior students of the Faculty of Biology and Chemistry have finished internship at agrobiological station of TSPU

 Internship is an integral part of the educational process at the Tomsk State Pedagogical University. Each faculty organizes Internships for students, taking into account the training course that students chose. For instance, third-year students of the faculty of Biology and Chemistry (FBC) revive theoretical knowledge acquired during the last academic year by working at agrobiological TSPU station and practicing in plant physiology at the faculty building and on the territory of agrobiological station. During the internship on the basics of agriculture, which was organized in the department of vegetable cultures of agrobiological station, third-year students of FBC mastered the technology of cultivation of vegetable and melon crops on open and closed ground. Students also...


 Traditionally, during the summer holidays, students of the Tomsk State pedagogical University participate in pedagogical internship based on summer camps of Tomsk and other cities of Russia. The future teachers get an opportunity to try themselves as camp counselors after passing the «Counselor school» of TSPU and participating in special training in «Voshod» camp. Some of our students prefer to develop their teaching skills in Tomsk region and others travel to Krasnoyarsk or Krasnodar regions.


Initially the «Summer internship» was meant only for the future social teachers and psychologists but after introduction of Bachelor training it became obligatory for all students who are...


The doors of the admission office of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University are open to everyone from 9.00 to 17.00 on weekdays, and also on Saturday from 9.00 to 13.00. Specialists of the university are ready to answer all questions, to help in choosing the faculty, the direction and profile of the training, to consult on the issues of filling out applications to the budget paid basis education, to tell about the target places, and also about the master study of the TSPU.

Students of TSPU are waiting for you at the interactive sites located in the halls of the building and on the street territory of the university. They will share details about the directions of student activity, extramural practices, wide...


The international sambo tournament of “A” category for prizes of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held in Astana. Valeria Anisimova the student of the faculty of physical culture and sport of TSPU had successfully defended honor of Tomsk and our university at the competitions. At the tournament, which brought together about 250 athletes from 16 countries, Valeria won a gold medal.

"I am pleased with the performance of the girls, the tournament is very demanding, serious and prestigious that's why almost all the strongest athletes arrived in Astana. I am very happy for Valeria, finally she managed to rise to the highest step of the pedestal. From the first meetings it became clear that she aimed for victory, but before the final meeting, we all felt tension...


With the coming of the new academic year, the staff of the Biology and Chemistry Faculty of the TSPU will organize the tenth All-Russian international school of young scientists "Swamps and the Biosphere". This year the scientific event will be dedicated to the 120th anniversary of S. S. Dragunov (1898-1994) the leading specialist in peat chemistry and will be held in the city of Tver.

Traditionally the professor of the TSPU, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Lidia Ivanovna Inisheva will become the head of the school. She told us about what to expect from the tenth school and why the event is not losing its relevance from year to year.

Lydia Ivanovna, for what purpose has...


Director of the Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy of TSPU L.G. Smyshlyaeva acted as speaker on two communication platforms of the All-Russian Youth Educational Forum "Territory of Meanings on the Klyazma". The "Education of the Future" forum gathered about a thousand of school teachers and university professors, chairmen, coordinators, curators and leaders of the Russian Movement of School Students (RMSS), representatives of student media and bloggers.

Elena Ulyanova, President of the Institute for Acceleration of Economic Development (Rybakov Foundation) and Larisa Smyshlyaeva, organized a "conversation on an equal footing" with young Russian teachers to discuss the problems and pressing challenges of...

Exhibition of Raphael Aslanyan at the Tomsk Art Museum

During the next month, an exhibition devoted to the memory of the Tomsk painter, teacher, professor of the TSPU Raphael Egorovich Aslanyan will be operating at the Tomsk Regional Art Museum. Devoted to the the artist's 70th anniversary, the exhibition will include the works of Rafo, as the master of the brush and canvas called himself, as well as the works of his pupils. During the opening ceremony, the museum's deputy director Nikolai Vasenkin quoted a famous classic: "Those from whom we learn can be called our teachers, but not every teacher deserves that title."

Employees of the Art Museum recalled the life, profession and creativity of Raphael Aslanyan :

"There are good artists, there are good teachers, and...

Defence of creative worcks by students of the Faculty of arts and culture

Students-artists of the Faculty of arts and culture, the future teachers of arts have defended their creative works. "In the spring of this year, the new methodological recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation were published. According to them it is necessary to carry on students' certification by involving professional collegium, - says the dean of the Faculty, Kayumova - For us it was not a surprise:  the exams are always conducted this way, when commission evaluates the work of students".


The exam was held in the presence of all teachers-artists of the faculty, which are already familiar to the students. However, there were...

The Faculty of Biology and Chemistry has finished the Field Practice

While admission campaign is pickin up speed  students if the Faculty of Biology and Chemistry has finished summer field practices and the third year students finished their practice in agriculture and plant physiology and chemistry:

"At first we passed the botany practic, supervised by Minich Irina Borisovna, and visited numerous "green islands" within and outside Tomsk, and in Timiryazevskoye village we visited the Tomsk Forest Museum located in a picturesque pine forest. Information on forest, its flora and fauna, the history of development and the current state of the forestry industries of the Tomsk region is presented in the Museum. On the forest area near to the museum one cas see the main forest-forming...