Tomsk State Pedagogical University

The year of the languages of the INDIGENOUS PEOPLE at the TSPU

Specialists of the Department of the Siberian people of the Faculty of foreign languages of the TSPU and Tomsk regional public organization "Union of Indigenous Peoples of the North of the Tomsk Region" have organized a joint festival “The Languages of the Peoples of Siberia - Our Cultural Heritage” for students of the Tomsk Basic Medical College.

The meeting started with a video about the Interregional Festival of Indigenous Peoples of Siberia "Etudes of the North", which is held annually on the Oskino Lake in Parabeli and entered the TOP 200 best events of the year. Irina Anatolyevna Korobeynikova, President of the Union of Indigenous Minorities invited everyone to attend the festival in August...

TSPU STUDENT Is a winner of the chess championship at Student Games 2019

he International Student Chess Festival took place in Krasnoyarsk as part of the cultural program of the XXIX World Winter Universiade in 2019. Tomsk region was represented by TSPU student  Egor Pakhomov, who took the second place prize.

That is great that the cultural program of the Universiade includes such a wonderful intellectual and ancient game like chess. Our festival brings together both schoolchildren and students. These are people who shape the future of our country. Chess can be called the 12th, unofficial, sport of the Krasnoyarsk Universiade! ” - said the head of KRASSPORT Valery Chernousov.

In the student competition Egor Pakhomov, a member of the Tomsk region chess team, scored seven points, losing to his opponent only due to additional...


Valeria Anisimova, a student of the Faculty of Physical culture and Spors of the TSPU won the silver medal in the Russian Sambo Championship which was held in Kazan. About 850 sambo wrestlers from 67 regions of the country took part in the championship. Among the participants of the championship are 27 honored masters of sports, 91 international-class masters of sports of Russia and 375 masters of sports of Russia.

Tomsk region at the competition was presented by the student of Tomsk State Pedagogical University, student of the Tomsk Regional Sports School of Olympic Reserve, an athlete-instructor of the "Rus" Children’s-Junior Sports School, and an international-class master of sports of Russia, Valeria Anisimova. In the 64 kg weight category, Valeria won a...


The All-Russian seminar for regional coordinators of the  public observers of the Russian Union of Youth (RUY) was held in the capital of our country. Tomsk region was presented by a student of the Faculty of Economics and Management of the TSPU, the coordinator of the Tomsk Region, Ksenia Bondarenko.

The venue gathered 89 participants from 76 subjects of the Russian Federation - coordinators of the public observers project , representatives of the executive authority. Together with colleagues, discussion and training platforms, case-championships and  seminar "Best Practices for Projects in the Regions" were held. Experts gave the lecture on changes in the regulatory framework for 2019.


Every year the Tomsk State Pedagogical University hosts a competition of professional skill and creativity "Pedagogical debut" for graduate students . Future teachers will have the opportunity to demonstrate their pedagogical skills within the framework of the competition program, present the developed model of the organization of the educational process, try themselves as additional education teachers and conduct creative activities for Tomsk schoolchildren.
By tradition, the captains of the teams of 10 faculties of the TSPU, the winners of the competition are awarded with  a journey to the cultural capital of our country. 



Inernational Siberian Spring Cosmology seminar has started at the Tomsk State Pedagogical University. Scentists from Russia, Poland, Spain, Japan, Iran and Oman will discuss modern problems of cosmology ang gravitation.
The scientific event dedicated to the anniversary of Professor TSPU, one of the most influential scientists in the world, Sergei Dmitrievich Odintsov, will last for two days. In addition to guests of the university, theoretical physicists from Nagoya (Japan) and Naples will join the discussion on the Internet.

TSPU welcomes students from Japan and Brazil

The international exchange of students of Tomsk State Pedagogical University and students of from Brazil and Japan has already become a tradition. On the eve of spring, foreign guests again have visited the TSPU. They had the opportunity not only to participate in the educational process, but also to get acquainted with the material base and cultural heritage of our university and its student structures.

Their acquaintancewith the university begun with the Scientific Library. The students visited the reading rooms and the sector of rare and valuable publications, received information about the educational opportunities offered by the university.

Curious about the independent work of TSPU students, colleagues from Brazil arrived at the...


The International Native Language Day at the Tomsk State Pedagogical University was marked by reading fairy tales of the peoples of Siberia in the Ket, Khanty, Selkup, Teleut and Chulym-Turkic languages. Students, teachers and guests of the university met at the event "Tales of Siberian Peoples over a Cup of Tea" organized by specialists of the Department of Languages ​​of Siberian Peoples, of the Faculty of Foreign Lanfuafes (FFL) of the TSPU.

"The Selkup fairy tale 'About flying elk' written in Russian by Tamara Konstantinovna Kudryashova in Ivankino village (Kolpashevsky district of the Tomsk region), was published in 1999, - says the head of Department of languages ​​of peoples of Siberia E.A. Kryukov. - The reverse translation into the Selkup language (the Narym...


The National Fund for the Support of Innovations in Education has published a rating of Russian universities based on the results of the effectiveness of universities in the country in 2018.

Among pedagogical universities of Russia, Tomsk State Pedagogical University is ranked 2nd after Moscow Pedagogical University.

In the general ranking, the TSPU shares the 59th position (out of 1,298 universities represented) with several leading universities of Russia (among them 7 national research, 2 federal universities).

In the ranking, all universities of the Russian Federation are ranked according to a composite index based on six key indicators: educational activities, research activities, international activities, financial and economic activities, employment...

STUDENTS from Brazil will visit TSPU

Students of the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of the State of Minas Gerais (Juiz de Fora, Brazil) are preparing for a trip to the Tomsk State Pedagogical University. As a part of academic exchanges, a visit of foreign students to the TSPU is scheduled for February-March 2019, but already the Brazilian students have began their training: the guys are studying the culture and history of our country and making reports on Russia in front of their colleagues.

In Tomsk Pedagogical, guests from Brazil will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the educational process of all...