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Alumni Positioning

Profound political, social and economic changes that take place in our country have a serious  impact on various spheres of human life and activity. Today is a very urgent need for continuing education for each person over a lifetime. That is why at the present stage of society development specialists with higher professional pedagogical education are becoming particularly popular.

The main objective of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University is to create an educational environment corresponding to the level of higher international standards of training, bachelor's and master's degrees for a highly educational activities. Established educational environment is focused on training of competitive specialists who are ready to work in the educational institutions of different levels, in research organizations, government agencies, private companies, implementing the knowledge acquired during the period of training.

The main components of the educational environment of TSPU are:

  • fundamental training in computer science, mathematics, physics;
  • basic training in the field of economics, sociology and political science;
  • language training;
  • basic training in the field of psychology, pedagogy.

The implementation of these components is provided by the introduction of new educational technologies and research students. Particular attention is paid to the individual work of students, the use of life problems in research. An important feature of the learning process is to obtain the teamwork skills, participation in team projects with real practical training and internships.

Graduates of the University's teaching programs and directions of training must surely take the leading teacher and professor positions in educational institutions and efficiently solve innovative educational goals.

Graduates of TSPU trained in non-teaching areas of training, should effectively address any professional and industrial tasks to a high standard of preparation of Tomsk State Pedagogical University and meet the requirements of industry, corresponding to the profession’s requests.

Our graduates have the necessary skills to conduct research and teaching work, will be able to work as specialists in educational and consulting services of the organizations and companies, in implementation or maintenance of business companies in the state structure. Areas of graduate employment will be a variety of national and international educational institutions, organizations, foundations, educational centers, private financial corporations, banks, consulting agencies.

Our graduates have always been in demand as professionals. TSPU diplomas allow our graduates to realize their professional demands and work successfully in many sectors of the Russian economy, governance and politics .

Here are a few examples of successful self-realization of our graduates!

  • Honored teacher of the school of the Russian Federation, the Chevalier of the Order of October Revolution Psakhie Grigory Abramovich
  • Children's writer Volkov Alexander Melentevich
  • Writer Lipatov Vil’ Vladimirovich (1927-1979)
  • Hero of Russia, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, honorary citizen of Seversk, honorary citizen of St. Petersburg, honorary citizen of Tomsk region Lyubov Ivanovnf Egorova.
  • Olympic champion of XX Olympic Winter Games, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, Honorary Citizen of the Tomsk region, honorary graduate of Tomsk State Pedagogical University Natalia Ivanovna Baranova – Masalkina.