Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Faculty of Psychology, Public Relations and Advertising

Dean: Grebennikova Elena
Address: 634041, pr. Komsomolsky, 75 , office 220
Phone: (3822) 521200

The task of the faculty and the area of professional activity of graduates

The main task of the Faculty of Psychology, Public relations and Advertising is to train specialists of the world level standards who will meet the demands of modern society.

To achieve these goals the following objectives are being solved:
  • creation of favourable research and educational environment for training of highly qualified specialists;
  • development of international cooperation;
  • attraction of prospective students.

Graduates of the faculty successfully implement their expertise in research, teaching, administrative, cultural and educational activities.

Faculty graduates are always in demand on the labour market, as they actually acquire knowledge in two disciplines: psychology and pedagogy; advertising and public relations.

Faculty graduates are employed in public and private universities, colleges, schools and kindergartens; centres and consulting rooms providing psychological services to the public and organizations; in departments of human resources of major companies and banks; in famous advertising agencies and employment centres.

Graduates of the faculty have the opportunity to continue their education in graduate school in the following programs:
  • 13.00.01 General Pedagogy and Education;
  • 13.00.08 Theory and Methods of Training and Education;
  • 19.00.01 General Psychology, Personality Psychology, History of Psychology.

the main features of the Faculty of Psychology, Public Relations and Advertising training program:

The main components of the curriculum in all departments of the faculty:
  • professional courses including basic training on the subjects taught;
  • mathematical and natural science courses, involving the development of information technology, mathematical foundations of information processing, the study of natural science, scientific worldview and others;
  • humanitarian, social and economic courses that define the study of philosophy, history, foreign language, culture, language, economics of education;
  • educational and research internship.
Implementation of these components of the curriculum is provided by:
  • fulfilment of the curriculum;
  • introduction of new educational technologies;
  • involvement of students in research work.

Special attention is paid to students’ teamwork training. By working in teams and participating in various competitions, students get teamwork skills.

The knowledge obtained at the faculty allows graduates to deal effectively with any professional problems.

Structure of the Faculty of Psychology, Public Relations and Advertising
  • Department of Psychology of Personality Development
  • Department of Educational Psychology and Pedagogy
  • Department of Advertising and Public Relations
  • Laboratory of Experimental Psychology
  • International Student Educational Laboratory of Cognitive and Adaptive Technology and Psychological Education
  • Siberian Branch of the International Academy of Psychological Sciences
  • Student Studio of Advertising

The faculty provides training in the following programmes

Undergraduate programmes:
  • 050700.62 Pedagogy. “Psychological education”
  • 050400.62 Psychological and Pedagogical Education. “Educational Psychology”
  • 050400.62 Psychological and Pedagogical Education. “Special Psychology and Pedagogy”
  • 031600.62 Advertising and Public Relations. “Advertising and Public Relations in Commercial Sphere”
  • 050400.62 Psychological and Pedagogical Education. “Educational Psychology “
  • 050400.62 Psychological and Pedagogical Education. “Special Psychology and Pedagogy”