Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Faculty of Pedagogy

Dean: Galina Titova
Address: 634057, Tomsk, ul. Karla Ilmera, 15/1, office 315
Phone: (3822) 123145, internal phone: 3120
Fax: (3822) 311245

Tasks of the faculty and the area of professional activity of graduates.

Педагогический факультетThe main task of the faculty is training of qualified specialists, bachelors and masters for the implementation of vocational and educational activities in accordance with the needs of modern society and the development trends of the Russian education system.

Graduates of the faculty are expected to hold the teaching positions in schools and institutions of additional education, should be able to create and promote alternative forms of pre-school and primary school education and efficiently solve problems of these levels of education in the region. Graduates of the faculty must deal effectively with any professional and sectoral objectives, meet the high standards of training in accordance with Tomsk State Pedagogical University standards and the requirements of education.

THE main features of the Faculty of Pedagogy training programm:

The main components of training:
  • fundamental training in pedagogy, psychology and methods of training and development;
  • different kinds of pedagogical practices, the contents of each reflects a range of areas of vocational and educational activities of the future expert;
  • interconnection of students’ course papers, internship places and graduation theses.

Педагогический факультетImplementation of the above-mentioned components is provided by the introduction of new educational technologies and methodological work of students. Special attention is paid to the independent training activity of students, educational work at the faculty. Educational work is aimed at forming and development of professional abilities of the future specialist in such areas as information, communication, organization, methodology etc.

Our graduates are expected to work in conditions of innovative development of educational institutions, which require willingness to self-education of the teacher and continuing education. They will be highly demanded professionals in the rapidly growing market for educational services with ability to effectively fulfill themselves in the modern pedagogical environment.

The faculty consists:
  • Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary Education
  • Department of Early Childhood Education and Speech Therapy
  • Department of Social Pedagogy
  • Consulting and Training Centre
  • Centre “Razvivayka”
  • Centre “Kapitoshka”
  • Children’s Centre

The faculty provides training in the following educational programmes:

Undergraduate programmes:
  • 050700.62 Pedagogy.  Educational work
  • 050700.62 Pedagogy. Psychological Support of Persons with Special Needs
  • 050100.62 Teacher Education. Primary Education and Additional Education
  • 050100.62 Teacher Education. Primary Education and Preschool Education
  • 050100.62 Teacher Education. Preschool Education and Additional Education
  • 050400.62 Psychological and Pedagogical Education. Psychology and Social Pedagogy
  • 050700.62 Special Education (defectological). Speech Therapy
Graduate programmes:
  • 050100.68 Teacher Education. Management of Preschool Education
  • 050400.68 Psychological and Pedagogical Education. Psychology and Pedagogy of Primary Education
  • 050400.68 Psychological and Pedagogical Education. Psychology and Pedagogy of Preschoolers’ Development
  • 050400.68 Psychological and Pedagogical Education. Psychology and Social Pedagogy
  • 050400.68 Psychological and Pedagogical Education: Additional Education for Children