Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Faculty of Economics and Management

Dean: Romakhina Irina
Address: 634041, Tomsk, pr. Komsomolsky, 75, office 210
Telephone: (3822) 522251

The task of the faculty and the area of professional activity of graduates

The main task of the Faculty of Economics and Management is to prepare highly competitive professionals, bachelors and masters in economics, management, service, tourism, teacher education for innovative development of Tomsk region and West Siberian region through effective organization and high quality educational and research processes.

The faculty activities meet the modern trends in the development of higher education, which requires the integration of the Russian higher school educational programs into the global education system.

Faculty graduates are demanded specialists in various fields of professional activity: state and municipal management, banking, insurance companies, financial and credit institutions, small and medium business, enterprises of service and tourism, hotel business, fashion, teaching activities in educational institutions.

THE main features of the Faculty of Economics and Management training program:

The main priority for the Faculty of Economics and Management is to improve the quality of education. Introduction of advanced learning technologies – providing identification and development of students’ creative potential – as well as organization of strategic partnerships with state and municipal authorities of the Russian Federation, the leading regional enterprises and individual significant business structures – all these measures are contributing to quality improvement of educational programs created at the departments of economics and management, as well as to the level of pedagogical skills.

By using the active forms and modern teaching methods, the faculty generates interest among students to comprehend the future profession, acquire the skills of self-education, as well as to form the ability to conduct research activities. Faculty members carry out systematic work on the development of new teaching methods, distant training technology, the development of new modern teaching materials and encouragement of independent learning and research activities of students.

The faculty consists of:
  • Department of Economic Theory
  • Department of Economics and Methods of Teaching Economics
  • Department of Management
  • Department of Civil Law
  • Laboratory of Economic and Vocational Education

Faculty provides training in the following programmes:

Undergraduate programmes:
  • 050100.62 Teacher Education. “Economics, Law”
  • 080100.62 Economics. “Finance and Credit”
  • 521600 Economics. “Economics”
  • 521500 (080500.62) Management. “Management”
  • 080200.62 Management. “State and Municipal Management”, “Small Business Management”
  • 100100.62 Service. “Service in Fashion Industry”
  • 100100.62 Service. “Service Trade”
  • 100400.62 Tourism. “Technology and Organization of Tourism Business
  • 101100.62 Direction " Hospitality ( profile " Hotel Activities " ) ."
  • 051000.62 Apprenticeships ( by industry ) Branch: Economics and Management
  • 050400.62 Socioeconomic education, professional and educational profile : Legal
Graduate programmes:
  • 080200.68 Management. “Logistics”
  • .68 Management. “Human Resource Management”
  • 100400.68 Tourism. “Innovative Technologies in Tourism Industry”
  • 050100.68 Teacher Education. “Economic Education”
  • 050100.68 Teacher education. “Law”
  • 051000.68 Vocational Training “Economics and Management”. Corporation Management.