Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Faculty of Chemistry and Biology

Dean: Minich Alexander
Address: 634061, Tomsk, ul. Gerzena, 47, office 19
Phone: (3822) 521170, internal phone: 422

Tasks of the faculty and the area of professional activity of graduates.

Faculty of Chemistry and Biology The strategic goal of the faculty is to become one of the leading centres for training and professional development of teachers, scientific and pedagogical personnel, specialists in biology, chemistry, geography, adapted to the modern labour market.

To achieve the goals the following tasks are solved:
  • creation of scientific and educational environment for training of highly competitive professionals willing to work in educational institutions of different levels, in research organizations, government agencies, private companies as well as to employ the knowledge acquired during the training course of natural sciences : biology, chemistry and geography;
  • sparking children’s interest in natural sciences
  • improving science education in secondary educational institutions of the region

THE main features of tHE FACULTY OF BIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY training programm:

Faculty of Chemistry and BiologyThe main components of the curriculum in all departments of the faculty are the following:
  • professional courses, comprising fundamental training in core subjects such as biology, chemistry, geography; training in psychology, pedagogy, life safety , methods of teaching;
  • mathematical and natural science courses, involving the development of information technology, mathematical foundations of information processing, the study of natural science, scientific worldview and others;
  • humanitarian, social and economic courses including the study of philosophy, history, foreign languages, culture, economics of education;
  • training (field) research and work practice.
Implementation of these components of the curriculum is provided by:
  • use of innovative teaching technologies (case method, information, gaming and portfolio technologies, modular training, technology of critical thinking);
  • joint experimental research of undergraduate, graduate  and PhD students  and also faculty members;
  • academic mobility (internships, field practicum of students and faculty members at the University of Wroclaw (Poland), field practicum of Polish students at our university);
  • conducting of work practices in educational institutions, industrial enterprises of Tomsk and its region.
The faculty consists of:
  • Department of Chemistry and Teaching Methods of Chemistry
  • Department of General Biology and Teaching Methods of Biology
  • Department of Plant Biology and Biochemistry
  • Department of Geography
  • Testing Laboratory of Agroecology

The faculty provides training in the following programmes:

Undergraduate programmes:
  • 020100.62 Chemistry.  Physical Chemistry
  • 021000.62 Geography. General Geography
  • 050100.62 Science Education. Chemistry
  • 050100.62 Science Education. Biology
  • 050100.62 Teacher Education. Biology and Geography
  • 050100.62 Teacher Education. Biology and Chemistry
Graduate programmes:
  • 020100.68 Chemistry. Physical Chemistry
  • 050100.68 Teacher Education. Biology Education
  • 050100.68 Teacher Education. Chemistry Education

To provoke children’s interest in natural sciences