Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Faculty of Arts and Culture

Dean: Kayumova Ekaterina
Address: 634059, ul. Karla Ilmera, 15/1, building 1 (TSPU building 9)
Phone: (3822) 311249, internal phone: 3150

the main features of Faculty of Arts and Culture training program:

Education at the Faculty of Culture and Arts stands out when compared to other courses of classical university education. Fundamental theoretical training of students represented in the curricula of disciplines and areas of training, gives them the opportunity of further specialization in almost any field of the humanities:

  • art history,
  • world culture,
  • theory and history of folk art and culture,
  • pedagogy and psychology,
  • philosophy,
  • mythology,
  • ethnography,
  • religious studies, aesthetics, literary criticism, sociology, etc.

The practice components of the curriculum allow students to develop a high professional level and improve choreography, vocal, instrumental or fine art skills as well as teaching methods of relevant disciplines.

The faculty has an optimal structure of educational and methodical maintenance of educational process, based on the most effective use of educational technologies and individual approach to students.

Our graduates get wide opportunities in professional management, pedagogical and creative activity in the institutions of art and culture and additional education. The high level of training of graduates meet the demands of the growing spiritual and intellectual needs of our region, contributes to the preservation and development of the young people’s creative potential as well as to the rich traditions of music and artistic life of the Tomsk region, serves as a guarantee of employment and success in further career.

Subdivisions of the Faculty of Arts and Culture:
  • Department of Music and Art Education
  • Choreography Department
  • Centre for Aesthetic Development
The faculty provides training in the following programmes:
Undergraduate programmes:
  • 071300.62 Folk Art Culture with Specific Choreographic Art Disciplines. (4 years)
  • 050100.62 Teacher Education. Music. (3 years)
  • 050100.62 Teacher Education. Music and World Art. (5 years)
  • 050100.62 Teacher Education. World Art and Culture. (5 years)
  • 071500.62 Folk Art Culture. Management of Choreographic Amateurs. (4 years)
  • 050100.62 Teacher Education. Additional Education (degree in choreography). (4 years )
Graduate programmes:
  • 071500.68 Folk Art Culture. Russian Traditional Art Culture
  • 050100.68 Teacher Education. Music